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Franklyn Alexander, DDS
General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients Choice Winner 2016

Night Guards for Clenching and Grinding

A night guard (AKA bite splint) is a small U shaped piece of hard plastic that fits over the teeth of one arch. Mouth guards protect the teeth by creating a barrier between the two arches so that any wear occurs on the plastic and not the teeth. Without the use of a night guard, people who grind or clench may eventually develop TMJ Disorder, damage their natural teeth and dental work, or develop periodontal (gum) disease. Most people are actually unaware that they grind and often first hear about it after a dental exam. Dr. Alexander assesses all new patients for signs of clenching and grinding as well as existing patients during exams.

We often see patients that have tried prefabricated nightguards and even “custom” nightguards made after they take their own home impressions that are sent off to a lab. Most of the time patients do not like these types of trays and end up not wearing them. They can be uncomfortable and not hold well on the teeth. If you have been unsuccessful with these types of trays, let us talk with you about a custom nightguard from our dental office. Custom dentist fitted nightguards have proven to be more comfortable and provide a much better degree of protection against clenching and grinding.

Dental night guard for clenching teeth

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