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Custom Teeth Whitening in Arlington, TX

We are committed to providing our dental patients with safe and effective teeth whitening methods! We take pride in being able to whiten teeth beyond previous expectations. We offer the following whitening options:

Deep Bleaching

We use a special three-bleach method of whitening to produce the great results you see with our deep bleaching. Our deep bleaching is a safe and effective way to whiten teeth without discomfort and rapid fading. This dental process produces results, even with bleaching resistant or tetracycline stained teeth.

Home Bleach Trays

Our custom bleach trays are created with your mouth in mind. We start with highly accurate impressions (the same used for crowns and bridges) and then customize your trays based on your mouth. We also specially construct our bleach trays to ensure the bleach is sealed within the trays. This seal also stops saliva from seeping into the trays and weakening the bleach. We offer several types of bleach to ensure you get the bleach that works best for you.

Single Tooth Whitening

Root Canal “Walking Bleach” – Single tooth whitening can be done on most any tooth that has had a root canal through the “walking bleach” technique. Dr. Franklyn Alexander drills a small hole and inserts a special bleaching agent through the opening. A small filling is then placed to keep the bleach in place.

Single Tooth Without Root Canal – In many cases we can achieve good results for someone with a single dark tooth who does not want to place a cosmetic veneer over the tooth. We start bleaching the dark tooth first until it becomes close to the others in color. We then bleach the rest of the teeth until a reasonable outcome is achieved.

If you have any dental work done by Dr. Alexander in the next 2 years that alters the fit of your custom bleach trays, we will remake your trays at no charge to you to help ensure a custom fit.

FYI: The number one question I get about whitening is, “Is it safe?” Dr. Alexander and I personally developed our entire bleaching program based upon products and procedures that have been well researched over time and proven to be both safe and very effective. Below are a list of the most common questions. If you are interested in bleaching or have any additional questions, please contact me with any questions or schedule a free bleaching consultation.
Robyn Heinrich, RDH

Common Questions About Whitening

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes. Research has shown that when under a dentist’s supervision, whitening can be a safe and effective way to greatly improve the appearance of your smile. In fact, studies have shown that the bleach we use in our custom trays can strengthen your teeth, making them harder and more resistant to decay.

Should I consider teeth whitening?

You should consider tooth whitening anytime you are unhappy with the shade of your teeth or self-conscious about your smile. Whitening is an effective way to look younger and feel more confident. You should also consider whitening if you are having a crown or veneer placed on any tooth in your smile line. Did you know that crowns and veneers are matched to your current tooth color and they do not whiten? That means, if you ever decide you want whiter teeth, you can only lighten to the color of your crown or veneer to keep it looking natural.

Is a custom tray really necessary?

Yes. Having a custom tray is essential to achieving exceptional results. Over-the-counter trays or “strips” may cause inconsistent whitening or spotting on teeth and can be uncomfortable to wear. In addition, over-the-counter trays do not seal the bleach allowing the bleach to leak out. This means an increased risk of burning your gums and possibly swallowing the bleaching material.

I have receding gums and my teeth are sensitive to cold. Can I still whiten my teeth?

Yes. Our trays are customized to stay off of areas of recession to help ensure your bleaching is a more comfortable experience. Prescription toothpaste is also given to every patient before they start whitening to decrease sensitivity that is common during the first few days of whitening.

I have heard a lot about laser whitening and ZOOM!®, why doesn’t your office offer that?

All methods of in-office power whitening use the same basic principles. A whitening substance (bleach) is applied to the teeth and then activated. The laser is not the primary method of whitening the teeth; it is mainly used to activate the bleach. The same is true of all other whitening methods that use a light including ZOOM!®. The light mostly accelerates the bleach. There are also methods that are self-activated and do not use a light or laser. They provide the whitest shades both short and long term without the severe discomfort sometimes associated with laser or light activation.

My last dentist tried to whiten my teeth and was unsuccessful. What is your success rate with bleaching resistant teeth?

Very high! We take pride in being able to whiten teeth beyond previous expectations. Our unique whitening process, combined with our highly specialized custom trays, helps to ensure consistent results with each and every patient.

How do I know which whitening method is best for me?

There are several factors that determine what method a person should use. Severity and type of stain are just a few of the factors we consider. Call us or contact us below to schedule a free whitening consultation today so we can help you make your teeth the whitest they can be!

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