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Franklyn Alexander, DDS
General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients Choice Winner 2016

Invest In Your Teeth Now, Save Money Later

Investments are important for so many areas of life. For example, we pay car insurance fees now to avoid a large expense in the case of an accident in the future. Why not think of your teeth and gums in the same way?

By investing in the health of your mouth right now in the form of regular visits to the dentist, you can prevent major oral health and related physical problems and save yourself money in the long run.

Prevent Dental Pain and Save Money

While brushing, flossing, and eating healthy are all effective ways to take care of your mouth on your own, dental visits remain an important aspect of oral health. Regular cleanings clear away plaque that brushing misses. Individuals generally won’t notice an oral issue until it becomes severe enough to cause pain.

Visiting the dentist allows a professional to catch potential problems early while they are easier and more affordable to treat. In other words, the small price of an appointment now can save you money in the long run by reducing the chance that you will need extensive, costly procedures when oral damage becomes too great.

Reduce other health risks and medical costs

Not only do routine dental visits prevent oral complications, they also keep your whole body healthy. Healthy teeth and gums have been tied to a reduced risk for heart disease and other chronic ailments. This is because the bacteria that causes periodontal disease plays a role in inflammation throughout the body. The cost of a trip to the dentist can mean medical savings down the road by reducing your risk of other diseases.

If you already have a chronic health condition and you feel overwhelmed by the medical costs, you might still find some relief for your bank account by investing in your oral health. A study by United Concordia found that people with chronic health conditions saved money on hospital costs and doctor visits by investing in treatment for periodontal disease.

For example, those who already had rheumatoid arthritis saw an average annual savings in medical costs of $3,964 after they sought treatment for gum disease. Patients with heart disease reduced their medical costs by an annual average of $2,956.

The bottom line: routine trips to the dentist pay off in big ways. Not only do you reduce your risk of periodontal disease, you can protect your overall health by decreasing your risk of other chronic conditions. This makes for big savings for your bank account. Even if you already have a chronic disease, you can still enjoy the monetary savings by keeping up with your oral health from now on.