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Franklyn Alexander, DDS
General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Patients Choice Winner 2016

How to Treat Bad Breath

There is a simple accurate method way to determine if bad breath originates from bacteria on the tongue:

  • Take a plastic spoon and gently scrape the surface of your tongue from back to front. This will collect a small amount of tongue debris on the inside surface of the spoon.
  • Now, smell the spoon. Is there an odor? If so, I’m sorry to say, that is the odor everyone smells when you’re up close and personal.
  • If there’s no odor, have a very close friend or family member smell the spoon. You may be use to the smell and can’t detect the odor.
  • If another person can’t detect an odor, congratulations you have fresh breath!

Bacteria that resides between the teeth can also cause breath odor. Most commonly this occurs in people with gingivitis or periodontal disease. To determine if bad breath is caused from bacteria between teeth, floss a few teeth at a time, then smell the floss. If a bad odor is detected, visit your dentist to begin treatment.

Bad breath caused from periodontal / gum disease can be one of the worst smelling breath odors. In fact, it has a particular odor we call “perio breath.” Only your dentist can determine if you have gum disease. We can treat the infection and give you recommendations for treating any breath problems associated with it.

There could also be other problems creating bad breath from between the teeth such as tooth decay or trapped food. Only your dentist can pinpoint for sure the source of your breath odor.

Finally, keep in mind it is possible to have gum disease and not have any symptoms such as bad breath. Regular visits to the dentist are important to identify the symptoms of gum disease early before they become a problem.