Replacement of Missing Teeth

Dr. Alexander provides many options for the replacement of missing teeth that provide beautiful natural looking results. To find out which replacement option is best for you, call us to schedule a consultation. Below are some of our more common methods for replacing missing teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, multiple teeth or to hold dentures into place. The structural design of an implant is the same as a natural tooth, so this option can create the most natural looking results. Dr. Alexander refers to two of the areas top implant specialists, Dr. Boltchi and Dr. Shroyer for placement of the implant post. After the implant post is placed, Dr. Alexander will provide you with a sturdy, natural looking implant crown.

Porcelain Bridge

A dental bridge is a porcelain tooth fused between two permanent porcelain crowns on each side of the missing tooth. A bridge is an excellent option for someone who is not a good candidate for dental implants, but wants the stability of a permanent solution to one or more missing teeth.

Removable Partial Denture

A partial is used to replace single or multiple teeth in any given area. The replacement teeth are attached to a gum-colored plastic base and connected by a either a metal framework or tooth colored plastic that snaps over your existing teeth. Removable partials are an option if dental implants or bridges cannot be used.


An over denture is a denture that is connected to dental implants (usually two) specifically placed to hold the denture in place. Compared to other types of dentures, overdentures have better aesthetic appeal and can increase your chewing ability and improve speech. In many cases, overdentures can be specially made to fit just where the teeth would be and not cover the roof of the mouth (palate). Most patients prefer this special type of overdenture and say that it also increases the ability to taste food.

Full Denture

Full dentures do not usually provide the best solution to replace either diseased or missing teeth. Dr. Alexander will complete a full examination to see if dentures are in fact the best choice for you. If they are, Dr. Alexander will usually recommend an overdenture so that you can have a better quality fit as compared to a traditional denture.

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